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Why are spider webs around all of your lights?

Hi, it’s Eric with Lush Green spider webs in the eave neural light. Why are they there? Well, the light during the evening overnight, draws insects. That’s food for spiders. So that’s, that’s where they want to come. We’re starting to see that a lot more and more around the valley. As as temperatures warm up and everything is out and out of their winter dormancy and wreaking havoc on our homes and businesses with just ugly looking, things like that. Here at lush green, we have an exterior pest control, I want you to take care of that for you. We’re going to go around and wipe all of those things off and we’re going to pay special attention to those areas, and we’re going to spray them, make sure all your windows doors near lights, any of those areas where we’re seeing activity, we’re going to make sure sprayed really well and do a complete perimeter treatment around your home.

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