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Watering tips from a pro

Hey, it’s Eric with Lush Green. A quick tip for watering during these temperatures. More of a golf course trick but called syringing. If you’re if your grass is wilting, it’s getting it looks stressed if you walk on it or your mower goes across it and the blades, blades of the grass layover and they don’t pop back up within 30 minutes, it’s wilting, it’s under stress. Sometimes a little trick you can do without using a ton of extra water is doing a syringe cycle. So in the afternoon sometime, set another program for your clock to run out for five or 10 minutes and just cool it off. So that if your normal watering cycle your cycle you are getting water in there. It’s saturating the water you’re watering infrequently deeper, if possible. It’s tough with our soils here I know. But add a five or 10-minute cycle and syringe that try that for a week and see if that reduces the stress on your lawn. So you’re, you know, you may have a watering restriction or there’s some reason you can’t increase the water and or you don’t want to increase the watering. You’re watering it three times a week and you’re doing it at night like you should 10 pm to 6 am kind of a timeframe. add that in the afternoon, late afternoon syringing

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