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Hi, it’s Eric with Lush Green, quick tip for your lawn really hot. Now, take a screwdriver if you have dry spots and you’re concerned about your lawn, want to know if it’s getting enough water or not take a screwdriver go out there. The depth that it easily goes in is the depth that you’re watering to. If it’s hard, well it’s obviously not getting water, you need to adjust the sprinkler, you need to do something like that. Maybe you don’t have enough pressure, clean your filters. We could talk about that in another video, but there’s something going on there you need water. If it goes in three, four inches, okay, five or six would be great. We’re watering deep and less frequently. It’s going to be healthier for the grass, but it’s an easy way to check. If it’s yellow and it drops in five, six inches. You know, it’s not a water issue. You know, it’s something else. So we need to go to go to the next step. It’s an insect or there’s something else causing stress there.

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