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Hi, Eric with Lush Green and I’d like to take a few minutes to talk about your trees and shrubs. Trees can be a huge investment. If they’re more than a couple of years old, you have a lot of money in your landscape, particularly trees, but even shrubs, shrubs can cost 25 to $30 plus installation a tree, dramatically more. Two-inch caliper trees are selling for 200 or more dollars at a nursery, installed might cost four or $500 and up. you have a 510-year-old tree. And this is really about just looking at your plant material and seeing if it’s under stress. Lawns are one thing, we can fix lawns, you can fix lawns a lot, you know there’s and it’s not horribly expensive, usually, but trees and shrubs are a different story. If you see that your trees and or other plant materials are under any kind of stress. Call the CSU extension get them to come out and take a look take pictures to send them to us. You can do the same thing with us. And I’m sure there are many other experts in the valley. But take a look at your plant material. It’s hot now really hot. And we want to just make sure that if there’s something going on there, catch it early so that you don’t lose something that might cost $1,000 or more to fix ordered board and really be irreplaceable something that you know might take years to have something that looks as great as it does.

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