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Proper water distribution uniformity

Hi, it’s Eric with Lush Green. While the hot summer temperatures are here now, a quick thought on distribution uniformity for your irrigation system. It’s just like it sounds, how uniformly is the water being distributed across your lawn? We can measure that for you if you happen to want to know what that is, what percentage it is. It’s quite a process to do that. But actually, you can tell just by looking at it, you probably have some spots that are wet and some spots that are dry. Well, things that you really need to make sure that you’re looking for are, are your filters clean? Are the filters in the heads clean? Are the heads level? And is the head spacing good? Do you perhaps have a head that’s a foot off, you have a 12 foot and then you have a 13 foot, things like that the heads need to be evenly spaced, they need to be level and the filters need to be cleaned so that they can, they can provide the same amount of water uniformly as close as possible. Otherwise, you’re gonna have either wet spots or dry spots. Another thing to consider is with the temperatures that we’re having, and just the overall condition is perhaps you might want to consider having a few drier spots, rather than overwatering all of the areas that are green because what typically happens is maybe we have five or 10% of our lawn is dry, but we up the water to eliminate those dry spots. And what that’s causing in some cases is an overwatering of 80 or 90% of the turf that is getting sufficient water. Just something to think about. Check that head spacing and check those filters.

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