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How Mulch Can Completely Change Your Yard

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If you have been debating whether or not to add mulch to your yard this year, then this is the article for you! Most people agree that mulch adds eye-popping visuals to a property, but did you know that its main function is to protect and improve soil quality? Keep reading to find out how installing mulch can improve the health of everything green in your yard!

Mulch Looks Great!

Before we get into all the ways mulch improves soil quality, let’s not overlook the curb appeal of a well mulched yard. Premium mulch is made of shredded tree bark to give your yard a natural aesthetic, but there are also colored wood chips and artificial mulch types for a more unique appearance. 

Mulching around tree rings, in gardens, under bushes, or anywhere else will add a pop of color and texture to your property to make your yard stand out and be noticed!

Mulch Feeds Your Soil

Dark mulch in flower bed

As sure as we are that you will love the way mulch looks in your yard, the additional health benefits mulch has on your lawn and plants is what makes mulch so important. When we talk about a natural premium mulch, we are talking about a mixture of tree bark and hardwood that is designed to decompose and replenish nutrients in the soil. 

People add fertilizer to their lawns to replenish nutrients in the soil that get washed away or otherwise displaced. Premium mulch not only protects the nutrients already in the soil, it actually introduces new nutrients as it decomposes. As storms blow through or weeds start to spread, the soil in your yard gets depleted and damaged. 

Mulch starts improving the quality of your soil as soon as it is installed, and premium mulches decompose slowly to sustain the health of your soil over longer periods of time.

Mulch Hydrates Your Yard

Premium Dark Mulch

One of the main reasons garden plants fail to thrive is improper hydration, but mulch can help with that! Retaining water for your soil and plants is one of the most appreciated benefits of installing mulch. 

Particularly arid climates with dry soil can not always support lush plant life because water evaporates too quickly. Organic mulch works as a sponge by soaking up and retaining moisture from sprinklers, rainfall, morning dew, etc. That moisture is then slowly released into the soil for healthier lawns and gardens!

Better moisture retention also means less frequent irrigation needs. As mulch starts to release moisture for your plants, you will likely notice greener gardens without having to water more than usual. Mulch will give you healthier soil, greener plants, and fuller wallets!

Protect Your Soil!

Premium Mulch Installation

A number of factors can have severe negative effects on your soil, which prevents your plants from reaching their full potential. Luckily, mulch not only improves the quality of the soil in your yard, it also protects against environmental and other external forces that can damage your yard. Below are just a few of the ways mulch protects soil:

  • Weed Control – The ways mulch prevents weeds from emerging in your yard are twofold; mulch suffocates weeds that are trying to germinate in the soil, and mulch also blocks weed seeds from blowing into your yard in the first place. Exposed soil is vulnerable to seeds that get carried into your yard by the wind, but mulch creates a protective barrier that will greatly help reduce weed growth. 
  • Insulation – Temperature regulation and insulation are two benefits that most people don’t even think about when it comes to mulch installation. Natural bark mulch provides the best protection from the elements because it binds together over time and creates an interwoven layer that will insulate your soil. This will keep your lawn and plants protected from both the harsh effects of winter and the scorching summer heat. 
  • Erosion Protection – Too much water and strong winds will cause muddy runoff and erosion in your yard without a protective mulch layer. The best mulches are designed to hold their shape and provide full protection from harmful weather that will keep your soil healthy and in place. A natural mulch option is best for erosion protection because most inorganic mulches do not bond together and frequently get displaced by strong storms. 
  • Crusting Prevention – When water splashes down onto exposed soil, it creates a crusting effect all across the affected areas. This causes soil to develop a hard layer on the surface, which is detrimental to healthy plant growth. A protective mulch layer is able to absorb the initial splash of water in order to prevent crusting from ever taking place. 

Premium Mulch vs. Inorganic Mulch

Red mulch and lighter mulch

The “premium” mulch referred to in this article is always describing an organic mulch made from hardwood and/or tree bark. Organic mulches are the types that will add nutrients to the soil and protect the soil from the elements, whereas inorganic mulches are often designed to be more decorative than functional. Some of the most common inorganic mulch types include the following.

  • Rocks
  • Pebbles
  • Gravel
  • Rubber Pellets
  • Plastic Pellets
  • Landscape Fabric

Some inorganic mulch types can provide one or two benefits to your yard, aside from just looking pretty. For example, landscape fabrics actually work quite well at weed control, but they do not add any additional nutrients the way that organic mulches do. If your concern is only on aesthetics, then inorganic mulches provide a wide range of options for you to choose from. However, if your focus is more on the health of your yard (which it should be!) then premium mulch is your best choice.

Premium Mulch vs. Free Organic Mulch

Organic Mulch

If you are looking to save the most money in your landscaping endeavors, you may want to look into using free organic mulch. This mulch option includes any organic material that may be found in your yard, or elsewhere in nature, that can be used to cover exposed soil. Popular forms of free organic mulch include: 

  • Grass Clippings
  • Shredded Leaves
  • Pine Needles
  • Straw

Organic mulches of any kind will add some nutrients into the soil as they decompose, making free organic mulches better for the health of your yard than inorganic mulch types. However, none of the aforementioned free mulches can provide the type of full protection premium mulch offers, and many free organic mulches can carry fungal infections or even pests without you realizing until it’s too late. Premium mulch may cost a little more money than other options, but it is the best way to give your soil a boost!

Lush Green Mulching

mulch installation 2

Mulching is one of the most important things you can do for your yard, and installation is quick and easy. Lush Green Services offers premium mulching services in Colorado so that every yard in our great state can look gorgeous and green. Our skilled technicians know exactly how much mulch to apply at what depth in order to give your plants and soil the best possible protection. Call us today at (970) 201-1967 for a free mulch installation quote!

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