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Grand Junction's Professional Sprinkler Maintenance and Repair

Lush Green Services understands the struggles of keeping your lawns and gardens properly hydrated here in Colorado. Drought conditions prevent your grass from getting the water necessary to keep your lawn looking vibrant and strong. In these conditions, sprinklers and irrigation systems become infinitely valuable to your lawn care system. Sprinkler systems can contain many moving parts, and we know it can be frustrating when some of those parts are not functioning properly, leaving your irrigation process incomplete. That’s where we come in! Our sprinkler repair technicians are some of the best and most experienced in the Grand Junction area, and we have been helping the community for years. Keep reading below to see some of your neighbors’ reviews on our sprinkler repair and maintenance services! 

Hear What Your Neighbors Have To Say About Lush Green Services

Barbara Chapple
Barbara Chapple
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I was so worried that I was going to have to pay thousands of dollars to get my sprinkler system fixed. Joe was so honest. There was really nothing wrong. He made a few adjustments and that was all. I am so grateful!!!!
Annette Coykendall
Annette Coykendall
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Matt Stange did a great job getting all the sprinkler heads fixed and running properly. He replaced some parts and set the timer. Glad he knows what he’s doing! Thanks Matt!
somethingsomething MTB
somethingsomething MTB
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Matt and Jerry were fantastic! They knew what they were doing, identified my problems quickly, and fixed my broken timing box and sprinkler heads on the spot! No back and forth with multiple appointments. We'll definitely be using them in the future.

Experts in the field of Sprinkler Maintenance and Sprinkler Repair

As our customer reviews will attest, malfunctioning or broken sprinkler systems are a major inconvenience, and the fear of overpaying for complex repairs can be overwhelming. At Lush Green Services, we want you to know you are in good hands. Whether we installed your sprinkler system or if it was installed by another company, we are happy to evaluate and repair your system at a competitive price!

Our technicians have served the area since 2003, and you will not find better repairs from anyone else in Grand Junction. Our technicians are all licensed, highly trained professionals who can diagnose and repair every component of your sprinkler system. We are fully stocked with sprinkler heads, valves, fittings, and timers so that we can get your repairs done as quickly as possible and you can get back to enjoying a healthy lawn.

Sprinkler Repair Services

We specialize in automatic sprinkler systems because they are the most hands-off, stress-free method of irrigation. Any automated system is bound to need repairs at some point, and we offer a wide variety of services that are tailored to your specific needs. Those services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Complete sprinkler system checkup
  • Locate and repair leaks
  • Replace broken sprinklers or nozzles
  • Repair fittings and pipes
  • Repair broken wires and solenoids
  • Repair and replace electric valves and rain sensors
  • Raise or lower sprinklers
  • Add sprinkler heads and zones to existing systems
  • Identify and repair low pressure situations

Sprinkler System Installation

In addition to the many repair and maintenance services we offer, we are also equipped to install a brand new irrigation system for you. Installation services are offered to both commercial and residential properties, and our team of technicians use only the best irrigation products provided by leading manufacturers in the industry. During the design phase of our installation process, we will carefully analyze irrigation needs to ensure that sprinklers are placed strategically in the perfect locations.

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The Best Sprinkler System = The Best Lawn

Whether you are installing a system from scratch or you need repairs to your existing system, the value of a properly functioning sprinkler system can not be underestimated. Automated sprinkler systems conserve water, save time, and even help to reduce weeds in your flowerbeds, but they will need occasional repairs. From Grand Junction to Palisade and beyond, Lush Green Services will get your system up and running in no time. No matter how big or small the job, give us a call at (970) 201-1967, and we will take care of all your sprinkler and irrigation needs!

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Asking Google, “yard care company near me”? Look no further because here at Lush Green Services we are your full-service yard care experts. We take pride in offering all our Grand Junction properties our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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