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As the warmth of summer arrives, we all love to feel the sunshine wash over our faces as we step out into our yards. Unfortunately, many insects and bugs have also been waiting for the lovely weather to return, and they may want to claim your yard as their home for the season. 

These intruders can terrorize your yard and make you not even want to open your door. Lush Green Services is staffed with yard care enthusiasts who want you to be able to love your yard, which is why we want to provide you with the premier pest control service in Grand Junction!

Hear What Your Neighbors Have To Say About Lush Green Services

Kelly Heinecke
Kelly Heinecke
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Shaylee steam serviced our yard twice. She was very polite and diligently worked the entire time she was here. I would recommend her services.
Cody Roof
Cody Roof
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My yard looks great! It was a good design they created and they executed the design perfectly.
Nancy Black
Nancy Black
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Excellent work, honest, reliable. Great experience!

Pest Control And Prevention

At Lush Green Services, it is our goal to ensure your yard and home never have to endure a pest invasion. The residents who live along Patterson Road, in the neighborhoods of Appleton or Pear Park, and everywhere else in Grand Junction should never have to worry about their safety or comfort when they walk outside. Pest invasions can quickly put you on edge and make you worry about leaving doors and windows open, which is a travesty for anyone living in an area as scenic as Grand Junction. When you sign up with Lush Green Services, you are sure to get the best pest control in Grand Junction, and you will be able to rest easy knowing that your home and yard are protected from infestations.


Our pest control service includes both preventive and corrective measures, as the treatments we apply to your yard work to eradicate existing pests and prevent them from ever returning. The pest control technicians we send out to your property are the best outdoor exterminators in Grand Junction. Every time we visit, we will find the source or sources of infestation in your yard and focus our pesticide treatments on those areas. Our treatments will take effect quickly, and your yard will once again be a safe place for you and your family. Before leaving your property, we always apply a protective barrier around the outside of your home. We guarantee that the chemicals we use will never cause any harm to you or your loved ones, but they will immediately protect your yard and make sure pests know not to come back.

Types Of Pests

Our expert techs know exactly what bugs and insects are common to the area, and they are trained in the best and safest methods of eliminating those intruders for good. Check out the list of pests below to see just a few of the pests common to the Grand Junction area that we will take care of for you:


Boxelder Bugs – These bugs are oval shaped, with black and bright orange colors. While generally harmless to humans, they love to sunbathe on the sides of houses and can quickly find a way inside if their presence is ignored. Once inside, they are known to excrete droppings that leave horrible stains all over walls, curtains, and furniture. The protective barrier we apply outside your home will provide a strong defense against these bugs.

Japanese Beetles – With metallic green bodies and copper-colored wings, these bugs are easy to identify. Japanese beetles are known to ravage gardens in late spring and summer, leaving you to find your plants destroyed over and over. These bugs are especially annoying due to their lack of a natural predator and resilience to many types of pesticides. Luckily, Lush Green Services has years of experience dealing with these pests, and we will have them out of your yard and garden in no time!

Mosquitoes – All over Colorado, mosquitoes are a major summertime problem. In disease-riddled times like these, defense against mosquitoes has never been more important, especially considering how easily they can transfer diseases. Lush Green Services cares about the health of our customers and their yards, and we will work hard to minimize the possibility of mosquitoes becoming a problem on your property.

Carpenter Ants – These are the largest species of ants in Colorado. They love to find wood in your yard where they can build nests, and it is quite common for them to find a way inside your house while they look for a suitable place to call home. The protection we provide will prevent carpenter ants, as well as all other pests, from squeezing through gaps around windows and doors, and it will deter them from wanting to be in your yard altogether.

Fleas & Ticks – If you have pets or kids running around your yard, protection against fleas and ticks is crucial! These pests can hide in fur, clothing, hair, and many other places on the body without you even knowing. They can bite, burrow under the skin, and spread disease. We will fight off every last one of these pests until your yard is completely safe for you and your family!

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Lush Green Services always promises quality pest control services in Grand Junction, and we offer other services that can help keep your yard pest free and healthy. Regular lawn mowing is a great way to ensure your yard is consistently maintained, and it discourages pests from hanging out in your grass. Standing water attracts many pests, but we can get your lawn draining water properly with our core aeration service. Call us today at (970) 201-1967 to find out all the ways we can help you defend your yard!

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