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Professional Core Aeration in Grand Junction, CO

We have all seen the amazing greens of a golf course and wondered why we can’t get our lawns at home to look so perfect. If your lawn does not seem to get as full and lush as you would like no matter how hard you try, odds are you have not tried aeration! Our lawn aeration service, also known as core aeration, is a service that is often forgotten or not used by homeowners, but it is one of the most important steps in achieving that perfect green lawn you have been trying to create. We have serviced the Grand Junction, CO area since 2003, and our core aeration and other services have resulted in satisfied customers all over the area.

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Yvonne Fillinger
Yvonne Fillinger
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Lush exceeded my expectation!! I called for irrigation blow out, and, within the day, Matt called and said he was on the way!! Matt was friendly, efficient, and professional!! We will use Lush again thanks to Matt’s excellent service!
Roy Blake
Roy Blake
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Shaylee steam serviced our yard twice. She was very polite and diligently worked the entire time she was here. I would recommend her services.
Angi Pennell
Angi Pennell
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Matt did an excellent job. Everything was done in a timely manner and was very professional. 5/5 From me!

What is Core Aeration?

While core aeration is a popular service for businesses and golf courses that like to keep an immaculate lawn, you can and should be utilizing the service on your own lawn at home! Aeration is the naturally occurring process of air flowing between the soil and its surrounding atmosphere. This natural process is enhanced by our core aeration service, which removes small plugs of soil and thatch so that airflow throughout the soil can be maximized.

Benefits of Core Aeration

Improved air exchange between the soil and atmosphere is as important as it sounds–it allows your grass to breathe. The small holes dug out in the core aeration process reduce soil compaction and allow your grass to grow deeper roots. The influx of airflow and the added space in the soil allow nutrients and water to be more fully absorbed, resulting in a healthier lawn.

Do you ever see those tiny pellets of soil on top of a lawn? That’s core aeration, and it is a sign of well-manicured grass. After the plugs of soil are removed from the lawn, they are left atop the lawn and eventually get reabsorbed, utilizing every bit of nutrients possible. Along with the natural nutrients from the plugs, the aeration process allows for maximum absorption of all the nutrients contained in our fertilizers. Removing tiny plugs of soil also helps prevent water from pooling on your lawn, as the process allows the soil to be less compact and to drain more efficiently.

When To Aerate Your Lawn?

At a minimum, your lawn should be aerated at least annually. If your grass sees heavy foot traffic or if it has a heavier subsoil, it would be a good idea to get your lawn aerated twice a year. Depending on the amount of traffic, commercial properties could benefit from aeration as frequently as five times a year.


Another important thing to consider is that aeration is very beneficial during the process of overseeding. Overseeding is the planting of grass seeds into already existing turf. The aeration process allows the seeds to germinate as effectively as possible so you can get the green lawn you have always wanted!

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Ready To Aerate In The Grand Junction Area?

If you have ever passed by a perfectly maintained lawn of a business in the Grand Junction area or the beautiful greens of Redlands Mesa Golf Course, you may have wondered why you can never get your lawn looking as good. If you are not aerating, that is likely the reason! If you are ready to bring the professional-lawn look to your home, it is time for aeration, and it is time to call Lush Green Services at (907) 201-1967.

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