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Clifton's Industry-Leading Yard And Garden Maintenance

Since 2003, Lush Green Services has been providing top-quality yard and garden maintenance services in Clifton, Colorado. The little details of your landscape are what make it uniquely yours. We want to help you create visuals on your property that are sure to both turn heads and improve the overall health of your lawn and yard. When you sign up for our yard and garden maintenance service, you are sure to get the lush green landscape you have always wanted!

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Angi Pennell
Angi Pennell
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Excellent customer service, reliable, efficient, helpful and careful around objects in the yard. Very professional service.
Annette Coykendall
Annette Coykendall
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Matt Stange did a great job getting all the sprinkler heads fixed and running properly. He replaced some parts and set the timer. Glad he knows what he’s doing! Thanks Matt!
Kelly Heinecke
Kelly Heinecke
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Shaylee steam serviced our yard twice. She was very polite and diligently worked the entire time she was here. I would recommend her services.

Yard And Garden Maintenance

The first impression of your home always starts with the appearance of your yard and garden. Many homes along 33 Road and the Colorado River in Clifton have yards with gardens, ornamental trees, bushes, and any number of other features that require constant maintenance. Leaves, twigs, and other debris can fall down or be blown into your yard and quickly begin to accumulate to hazardous levels. Hidden objects in your lawn can be dangerous if they are mowed over, and unseen clutter in your garden can be harmful to the health of your plants. Our yard and garden maintenance service includes decluttering your property to give you the safest, healthiest lawn and garden possible.


Focusing on aesthetic maintenance may not be your top priority when it comes to yard care, but it is ours! Providing the top yard and garden maintenance service in Clifton means caring about every single aspect of your landscape. In order to improve the health and appearance of your yard, this service always includes the following jobs when they are needed/requested:

  • Bush Trimming – Unkempt bushes look unpleasant to the eye and can hide things like decay or pest infestation. We will trim your bushes to give them a pleasing, uniform appearance that will also improve the health of your yard.
  • Shrub and Ornamental Tree Pruning – Removing dead or dying twigs and branches helps your shrubbery look better and stimulates new, healthier growth for your ornamental plants. 
  • Weed Removal – We will pull weeds from your garden and yard to make sure that nutrients and water are only being absorbed by the things you want to see grow.
  • Mulch Installation – Mulch will add color to your garden and protect it against pest invasions, extreme temperatures, dehydration, and a number of other harmful factors. 
  • Rock Installation – Expertly placed rocks along walkways and edges can make your yard stand out, and we are happy to help you with this or any other rock installation ideas you have for your property.

Flowerbed Maintenance

Lush Green Services is dedicated to making your yard and home beautiful! Our specialists know how to treat your flowers and keep them looking vibrant. We always remove obstructions from your flowerbeds that could hinder healthy flower growth. Another important factor in proper growth is removing dead petals and leaves, which is a step in the maintenance process that we will never skip! The quality of your soil also plays a vital role in maintaining the health of your flowers, which is why we always ensure that your garden is pest free, hydrated, and rich in nutrients. 


Our maintenance services are sure to help the health of your flowers and plants, but we offer many other services that are equally important. To keep that soil fresh and ready to feed your plants, check out our fertilization/weed control service and our sprinkler repair service. The correct amounts of nutrients and water must be applied to maintain a healthy garden, and we have just the right team and equipment for the job!

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There are so many tasks around the yard to keep up with, and we know how easily one or two jobs can be overlooked. Lush Green Services is here to provide that little bit of extra help you need around the yard from time to time. From trimming and pruning to pulling and picking up, we always deliver the best yard and garden maintenance services in Clifton. Call us at (970) 201-1967 to get a free estimate!

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Asking Google, “yard care company near me”? Look no further because here at Lush Green Services we are your full-service yard care experts. We take pride in offering all our Grand Junction properties our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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