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Many lawns in Colorado need a little extra help to achieve the perfect lush green color. The dry climate can sometimes make it difficult for lawns to attain the full and healthy look you desire, and it can be frustrating when hours of hard work in the lawn never seem to pay off. If you are ready for a greener lawn today, then you need to call the pros are Lush Green Services. We provide quality lawn fertilization and weed control services in Clifton, and our technicians have been helping create green lawns in the area for years!

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Taylor Hiatt
Taylor Hiatt
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My husband and I have been using Lush Green Services for years and have always been extremely happy about the work they do. They have a wonderful team of knowledgeable, professional and friendly employees who are a constant pleasure to work with. No matter the season or the job, they are always punctual and proficient. We recently had our landscaping remodeled in our front and backyard and couldn't be happier with the results. The entire process was so seamless from start to finish. Would 100% recommend this company to anyone with landscaping/maintenance needs. Keep up the great work guys, we appreciate it!
Brandon McPherson
Brandon McPherson
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Matt did an excellent job. Everything was done in a timely manner and was very professional. 5/5 From me!
Cheryl Umberger
Cheryl Umberger
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We are new to Lush Green but so far are very happy with the service. Shaylee has been awesome!! My lawn is looking great.

Benefits Of Lawn Fertilization

Lawns sometimes need a little extra help to achieve the lush green color we all envision our yards having. While soil alone can provide your turf with a certain amount of nutrients, the natural soil can not always provide adequate nutrition for your lawn. Fertilizer works as a booster for your soil to ensure that your lawn is absorbing enough nutrition. Our fertilizers contain ingredients like nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus, all of which are key nutrients that your lawn craves. Our fertilizers are guaranteed to improve the overall health of your soil, which leads to disease resistance, resistance to pests, stronger grass growth, improved drought tolerance, and many other benefits. All along D Road and up and down 33 Road, we promise the best lawn fertilization in Clifton!

Benefits Of Weed Control

Another important benefit of fertilizing your lawn is improved resistance to weeds. However, some yards still need additional help when it comes to weed control. If weeds are growing in your lawn, that means your lawn is not getting all the nourishment it should receive from the soil. Weeds steal nutrition away from your lawn, which is why weed removal is not only necessary for a more visually pleasing lawn, it is crucial in protecting the health of your lawn. As we go over your lawn during fertilization applications, we will apply appropriate weed control treatments in order to ensure the healthiest lawn growth.

Our 5-Step Program

We have devised a plan to give your lawn the most effective fertilization and weed control treatments in Clifton. The 5-step program will begin around late February and last until November, at which time we will prepare your lawn for winter for full, year-round protection and health. Our fertilization and weed control program is as follows:


  • Step 1 – Very early in the season (February to April), we will apply a pre-emergent to prevent growth of weeds that may have been waiting all winter to pop up. 
  • Step 2 – As we enter early spring, we will apply a spring fertilizer that will help rejuvenate your lawn early in the growing season.
  • Step 3 – Our third visit will feature a mixture of fertilizer and broadleaf weed control that is best suited to prepare your lawn for the heat of summer.
  • Step 4 – This step will come as summer begins to transition to fall, and it will include an altered mixture of fertilizer and weed control that is appropriate for the changing of the seasons.
  • Step 5 – The final visit will come in the fall months and will focus on giving your lawn the best chance to survive the approaching winter months. We will apply a fertilizer that is mixed with a lawn winterization solution to tide your lawn over until we return again in the following spring.

Maximize Results With Aeration

Regular fertilization and weed control are great ways to create a lush green lawn, but we offer many services that can take the health and appearance of your yard even further. Our aeration service can give your lawn even more nutrition than it could receive from fertilization alone. Aeration creates tiny holes in your lawn to increase air flow and absorption. This process is especially helpful when fertilizing your lawn, as it provides a more direct route for the nutrients to be absorbed. Ask us how aeration and our other services can help your yard today by calling (970) 201-1967.

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At Lush Green Services, we will give your lawn everything it needs to grow stronger roots and achieve a healthier appearance. Our program is designed to be the most effective fertilization and weed control service in Clifton, year after year. We will protect and preserve the health of your lawn from one season to the next, and that help is only a phone call away. Fill out the survey or call us now to give your lawn the treatment it deserves!

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Asking Google, “yard care company near me”? Look no further because here at Lush Green Services we are your full-service yard care experts. We take pride in offering all our Grand Junction properties our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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