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Professional Aeration In Clifton, CO

Aeration service is a yard care service that many people do not often consider utilizing, but it can be one of the most effective ways to achieve the lush green color in your lawn that you have always wanted. You may be fertilizing, watering, and mowing regularly but can never get the results you are hoping to see. Luckily for you, we know how to help! Just like our name suggests, Lush Green Services knows exactly what it takes to give you a vibrant and healthy-looking yard, and aeration may be just what you need. We are ready and waiting to provide you with the best aeration service in Clifton!

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Darin Leonard
Darin Leonard
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I was doing my own home project and after several weekends and frustration at not having the right equipment it was time to call in the professionals. Thank you Lush Green Services. After listening to what I envisioned it took you a little over two days to help me finish what would've taken many more months. And I loved the way it turned out. I think you did a great job, and I am so glad to have my Saturdays back again. I appreciate you guys and the way you come through. Naturally, I will be using you in the future as my yard grows.
Robert Haynie
Robert Haynie
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Top quality work! Efficient, friendly staff at a price you can afford. Highly recommended.
 David Roof
David Roof
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Quality work, reliable and reasonably priced. Couldn't be happier.

Core Aeration

Have you ever driven down 32 Road, through the heart of Clifton, and seen lawns greener and more lively than yours? It can be frustrating when you work hard at getting your lawn looking how you want it, but you are never able to achieve the results you want. If this sounds familiar, core aeration may be the solution. Standing water, patches of dead grass, and even pest infestation are problems that we can help solve with the most trusted aeration service in Clifton!


Core aeration is a method of aerating your lawn that involves removing small plugs of thatch buildup from underneath the surface of your soil. Thatch is a layer of organic matter that accumulates under your soil. Some thatch buildup is normal, but overwatering, overfertilizing, cold temperatures, and many other factors can quickly lead to a thatch layer that is too thick, preventing nutrients from being fully absorbed by your lawn. The core aeration process pokes tiny holes in your lawn and in the thatch layer in order to allow your lawn to breathe and absorb the nutrition it needs.   


Lawns can quickly become compacted due to added weight from factors like excess foot traffic. The core aeration process decompresses your lawn, leading to numerous benefits. After aeration and decompression, your lawn will experience better airflow and nutritional intake, as the holes created in the core aeration process give the air and nutrients a place to go. As your lawn starts to benefit from better nutrition and airflow, you will begin to see the lush green grass that only Lush Green Services can promise! The benefits you can expect to see from core aeration include the following: 

  • No more standing/pooling water
  • Increased efficiency of fertilizer treatments
  • Softer/less compacted soil
  • Increased drought tolerance 
  • Greener, thicker grass

When To Aerate

The best time for aeration in Colorado is in spring. As temperatures begin to rise, the soil will become warmer and easier to penetrate during aeration. This is the optimal time for aeration because lawns are just starting to grow again for the first time in the year, and aeration helps to ensure that your turf gets the most nutrition it can during this critical time.


Aeration should take place at least annually, but different factors determine the specific needs of your lawn. If you have a lawn that receives a lot of heavy traffic from kids playing on it, pets running around, outdoor gatherings, or if it has a clay or heavy subsoil, you may want to consider aerating twice a year. If you have a commercial property that encompasses a large area and receives a lot of foot traffic, aerating as much as 5 times a year could be beneficial. 


Fertilizing your lawn at the time of aeration is also a good idea if you want to get the most out of our aeration and fertilization services. Nutrients in the soil need to be able to reach down deep into the roots of your lawn, which is one of the main goals of core aeration. Ask us how our fertilization and weed control service can be used in conjunction with our core aeration service.

Mulch Mowing And Additional Help

Our method of mulch mowing has proven to be effective for lawns all over the Clifton, Colorado area, and it has become our most popular service. When you sign up for our weekly or biweekly mowing service, we will mulch mow your lawn, meaning we will leave the grass clippings on your turf to work as a natural fertilizer. Grass clippings are mostly composed of water, and they are very beneficial to your lawn when left to decompose and reintroduce nutrients to the soil. 


Many people don’t realize this, but the clippings left behind from the mulch-mowing process also contain amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, which are the same main ingredients used in lawn fertilizers. The clippings are a great start to fertilizing your lawn, but our fertilization service will give your lawn the lush green appearance you are looking to achieve. Check out our fertilization and weed control service to see how we can make your lawn even better and healthier!

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