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6 Biggest Reasons You Should Fertilize Your Lawn

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If you are debating whether or not you should fertilize your lawn, odds are that your grass is already struggling and in need of help. No matter what the cause of thin and weak turf in your lawn may be, fertilizers can make your lawn stronger and greener when they are applied correctly. Keep reading to find out why your lawn can not afford to miss out on the benefits of lawn fertilization!

1) Improved Soil Quality

The grass in your lawn gets its sustenance from nutrients contained in the soil. Unfortunately, the naturally occurring nutrients are often not enough to sustain the kind of lush appearance we all want for our lawns, which is why fertilizing is so important! Fertilizers contain the same nutrients that exist in your lawn’s soil so that your grass will always have access to the nutrition it requires. The “NPK ratio” on the label of store-bought fertilizers indicates how much of each essential nutrient is in a product.

Many different parts make up a healthy lawn
  • Nitrogen (N) – This ingredient gives your grass a boost of energy and color by aiding in the production of proteins and chlorophyll. Nitrogen is considered the most important nutrient found in fertilizers and soil.
  • Phosphorus (P) – The second important nutrient found in fertilizers is phosphorus, which plays a key role in healthy root development. Phosphorus is also used to store energy and nutrition obtained during photosynthesis. 
  • Potassium (K) – Last, but just as important, is potassium. This nutrient helps stop the spread of disease, and it prevents stress from drought and winter weather by thickening cell walls within grass blades.

2) Greener Grass

The whole point of adding fertilizer to your lawn is to make it look better, and nitrogen-rich fertilizers will certainly help with that! Seeding, watering, and waiting to see grass growth can take a very long time without the use of fertilizers, and results may not be as green as you had hoped once growth does start. If your lawn is constantly struggling with yellow patches and thin grass blades, applying a premium fertilizer is a step you can not afford to skip in your lawn care routine.

beautiful green lawn

As nitrogen fertilizers go to work on the production of chlorophyll, your lawn will start to appear more vibrant, but this is not the only way fertilizers make your lawn greener. Damaged turf turns yellow and thin, and lawns without enough grass appear bare and lackluster. More nutrition in the soil from fertilizers means more individual grass blades to fill out your lawn and make it look more green.

3) Stronger Roots

Healthy growth is not possible for your lawn without a strong root system underneath the soil surface. The nutrients found in many fertilizers are added precisely in order to accomplish different goals. When it comes to developing stronger and deeper roots, fertilizers that have a higher phosphorus content can encourage roots to spread and grow freely in the soil.

shrub and tree granular fertilization

Deep roots are vital to a healthy lawn, as deeper roots typically result in taller and stronger grass blades. Lawns can not properly absorb nutrients and water without a well-developed root system, and grass will start to become thin and weak as a result of poor root development. Stronger roots from fertilizer applications will promote taller grass growth, and they will be better equipped to withstand damage from grubs, pests, and weeds invading your lawn.

4) Weed & Pest Control

Two of the major contributors to turf damage are invasive weeds and pest infestations. Fertilizer applications can repair damage caused by these factors and prevent future damage before it even happens. As your grass grows taller and thicker, you will notice fewer pests, fewer weeds, and fewer patches of damaged turf.

direct weed control sprayed onto a dandelion
  • Weeds – Turfgrass loses access to nutrients when weeds are present because weeds steal the nutrition in the soil. When fertilizers are applied, grass is given the chance to absorb adequate nutrition for healthy growth. Deep roots and lush growth will overcrowd pesky weeds, and tall grass blades can even block sunlight from low-growing weeds.  
  • Pests – Insects and other bugs are attracted to struggling lawns, so the best form of pest control is simply maintaining healthy turf. Puddles and compacted soil lead to issues that commonly attract pests, but regular fertilization and maintenance can keep your grass strong and ready to fend off any type of invasion!

5) Disease Prevention

identifying summer patch (1)

Potassium found in fertilizers is the major disease-preventing ingredient in the NPK ratio. When we talk about lawn disease, we are typically describing a fungal infection that spreads across healthy turfgrass. Potassium fertilizers harden and thicken the structural integrity of grass blades. Since many diseases only affect only the leaves of plants, potassium-rich fertilizers are great at making your lawn more disease resistant. The strengthening of individual grass blades also helps your lawn tolerate drought stress and other harmful environmental issues.

6) Increased Property Value

Falling money

This one is as obvious as it sounds, but many people often overlook the financial benefit of a well-fertilized lawn. Not only does a healthy lawn save you money on costly maintenance and repairs, it can actually increase the value of your home. Properties with severely damaged and struggling lawns lose value because the next owner will have to handle all the repairs and maintenance. A lush, green lawn indicates to potential buyers that your property has been properly cared for and that lawn care costs will be low.

Lush Green Fertilization

Many things can go wrong when applying chemicals and products to your lawn, especially if you are inexperienced. Too much nitrogen can put tremendous stress on your turf, but not enough fertilizer can leave you with dull and sparse grass. A simple misreading of instructions or applying the wrong fertilizer at the wrong time of year could result in irreparable damage, and you will be left wishing you had called a professional fertilization service. 

Lush Green Services knows the value of an experienced lawn care provider when it comes to fertilization needs. Lawn care companies like ours have all the products and expertise needed to keep your grass growing lush and green, year after year. Call us or fill out our online survey for the best lawn fertilization in Colorado!

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